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Breathing Exercise Package with 2 Guided Meditations
$8.00 1 Sections 2 Lessons


Is there something in your life you’ve been struggling with? The breathwork in these 2 powerful videos allows you to bypass your mind and connect with the intelligence of your body – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Led by Rita Henry, these transformation resources allow you to release blocks quicker and sooner. You'll want to replay them again and again to lean into stuck places and to get answers when you feel stuck, confused, or are struggling with something in your life. 

Meditation: Inside Forgiveness
$9.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

Audio – 60 minutes

True forgiveness is an inside job—one you get to decide on regardless of what anyone else thinks, says, or does. This guided meditation helps you tap into the awesome power of forgiveness to melt resentment, dissolve anger, release blame, heal guilt, eliminate fear, let go of shame, and open your heart to your soul and divine presence.

Meditation: Releasing Fear
$9.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

Audio – 57 minutes

Stop letting your ego control your life and keep you held in fear. This guided meditation creates a safe environment to discover the fears holding you back, so you can open up to a greater sense of aliveness in every aspect of your life. It’s time to release the energies that are no longer serving you and give yourself permission to heal.

Meditation: Releasing Illusion
$9.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

Audio – 37 minutes

You are not your personality, whatever identities you think define you, the stories keeping you stuck, your pain, or even what happened to you in your past. Ask the highest enlightened awareness of your soul to merge into the illusions you’re holding on to. Use this meditation to allow the truth of who you are to come forth, so you can let go of your pain and struggle and keep the lessons it taught you.

Meditation: Purification of the Heart
$9.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

Audio – 67 minutes

Bring the painful situations of your life into the present moment so you can let go of judgment, pain, and struggle. Give yourself permission to heal, knowing your body knows exactly what it needs to do so naturally. This meditation helps you remember the goodness, light, love, and truth that you are so you can feel peace in your heart and open to a new possibility of living. 

Meditation: Your Magnificent Life
$9.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

Audio – 55 minutes

This meditation helps you open your life to magnificence, fun, and prosperity. When you recognize your thought patterns for what they are, you can let go of the limited way you’ve been living—opening up to all you desire out of relationships, growth, and money. Use this meditation to find the blocked energies keeping you stuck and to connect with the highest enlightened awareness of your soul.

Meditation Collection of 5 Meditations
$39.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

5 Meditations

A collection of all the powerful meditations Rita offers. Tap into your body’s own ability to heal, connect with the highest enlightened awareness of your soul, and let go of your own limitations to open up to a new way of living. These meditations create a safe space for you to connect with the truth of who you are—so you can release your fears, patterns, and illusions and fully accept the love that you are. 

Workshop Recording: Dealing with Angry People
$8.00 1 Sections 1 Lessons

Video – 57 minutes

Anger isn’t wrong. It’s just another emotion. And it’s there to show you there’s something up for you to heal. Childhood experiences often influence how you deal with anger today. If you’re angry, it’s almost always because you’re afraid – of not being respected, or heard or loved for example. In this powerful workshop, Rita explains anger, shares her personal experiences with it, and answers questions from participants about their own anger and how to transform their relationship with it.